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Unreal and Wwise Projectile Collisions

 The following video breaks down my approach for limiting audio event instances on collisions within Unreal Engine 4. I basically used velocity and set a threshold to determine whether an AK event would trigger. The result is alright, although not as a smooth as I want it to be. I will continue to investigate and develop my skills in Unreal. Transitioning from Unity to Unreal and it's blueprints has been a learning curve, as I most comfortable writing scripts in C# that do exactly what I want. Therefore, I am hoping to develop some C++ scripts that work hand-in-hand with some of the blueprint functions available. I am extremely excited for this new journey in game audio and to be working with spatial audio soon in Unreal (like every other project I have done).

As I am getting more comfortable with Unreal, I am now planning to design and implement audio for a larger scene that will demonstrate my game audio mindset. I will use a high fidelity approach as well as develop numerous dynamic audio systems to immerse the viewer. Who doesn't love intense attention to detail! I hope you enjoy the breakdown and you find something useful, it's nothing special... but it was great fun to design the sound for. Wishing you all the best for now!

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