• Adi Keltsh

Unity Collisions and Gore

Updated: May 3, 2020

Update One:

I have recently started exploring collisions in Unity and naturally wanted to simulate how combined game objects could be detached from one another, and how I can use audio to enhance this effect. Similar mechanics can be experienced in games such as Mordhau (released in 2019). I began by constructing a body and attaching joints that could be broken. Once a joint breaks, a particle effect will simulate blood, and an audio event will be triggered. Additionally, once a body part collides with the ground, another audio event is triggered to play a "splat" sound. I will continue to research and investigate this topic to improve and add additional mechanics to this simulation. My overall aim is to allow a player to interact and dismember the ragdoll. I will also implement binaural audio (of course, cause why not, it is incredible) and have a voice for the ragdoll that is occluded when their mouth is colliding with the ground. Although this simulation is quite NSFW, I feel that by trying to replicate mechanics from other games, I will improve my scripting skills and understanding of game engine mechanics other than audio. Here is a clip of my work so far! Obviously, a lot of work still to be done, but it is a start.


Update Two:

So... resonance audio has been implemented, I have some Ambisonic ambience to create the illusion of space and I have added voice. Moreover, once the ragdoll head has detached from the body, the dialogue changes to something a bit more fitting. I also implemented some RTPC (real-time-parameter-control), so when the mouth is colliding with the floor the dialogue is audibly occluded/obstructed. Here is the second update, things are getting weird! Although there is no blood, one could argue that this clip is NSFW.


Update Three: I have had some time to continue working on this demo and so have added a first person controller, footstep (walk-sprint-jump-land) audio, the ability to pick up/throw objects and to highlight whatever object the player is looking at. When items are being dragged or rolled across the terrain, an audio event is triggered. The player will also be able to rotate objects across all axes when pressing control so that the camera rotate and object rotate do not interfere with one another. I also fixed the occlusion effect on the voice and attempted to make the particle system look more realistic. There is still much more to do and I need to apply audio events/particle systems and other parameters to all the ragdoll body game objects, but I was eager to show an update so here it is:

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