• Adi Keltsh

FMOD and Unity Demonstration

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

So I recently completed the FMOD and Unity Essentials course available at:! I was eager to add all the audio to the game and also use Resonance Audio once again to make everything binaural. I took this as a chance to showcase my current capabilities with scripting, using Unity and FMOD. Some of the audio in my demo is mine, although as I said, I wanted to focus on developing my scripting skills and learning FMOD's API in more depth. I've made a video (attached to this blog) where I chat about some of the features I implemented into the game to spice things up a little. I had a load of fun working on this project and even got to explore the woods and capture some great recordings that I used for the demo! My next demonstration will be showcasing Wwise, where I will be creating all the sound effects and implementing them into Unity. I am currently on a Unity role as I've also been involved in some game jams that are using the engine, although I hope to upload some Unreal (with Wwise) demo's in the near future! I hope you enjoy the chat and also manage to learn something new. If you are looking for new courses, check out the Scotts Game Sound website, and make sure to join the Discord for loads of support and fun times. I even made a short lesson that's available on the course!

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