The Journey So Far

Growing up, I developed a fascination for audio. Music was always played in the house, and movies were watched every night. I would never pay attention to the specific elements of audio within films and games, but understood its importance within the piece. A love for composing and creating bizarre sounds drove me to pursue higher education and a career in audio.
Seeking to gain insight into a variety of fields, I chose to complete a BSc in Music Technology at the University of York Electronics Department. In my final year, I was fortunate enough to complete my research project and portfolio under Dr Gavin Kearney in the AudioLab at the university. Once completing my undergraduate degree, I was keen on continuing my higher education. I was accepted onto the Postproduction with Sound Design program at the Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media Department at the University of York, where I received a distinction on my dissertation under the supervision of Dr Mariana Lopez.
Eager to get more involved with the audio community during my postgraduate, I became the treasurer for the AES student section for the 2019 period. Moreover, I began researching topics to explore for my postgraduate individual research project and came across game audio. My research focused on exploring the differences between stereo and binaural audio within non-VR games, where I realized that pursuing an MSc would be more appropriate. The process was enriching and got me addicted to game sound design and implementation. I learned a tremendous amount about audio middleware and game engines, as well as the application of binaural audio within simulated environments.


I am currently freelancing as a sound designer, working on projects such as Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr and recording sound libraries. I also provide game audio services on itch.io! Hoping to expand my audio knowledge, my friend and I are composing music and providing a variety of audio services under our artist name, Khelro Studio.
I cannot begin to fathom how much I still have to learn and am excited to continue developing my skills so that I can continue to deliver high quality and immersive audio experiences within interactive and static media.

Some games I am currently enjoying (and have great audio):

- Outer Wilds
- A Plague Tale: Innocence

- Hunt: Showdown

- Rainbow Six Siege

- Ori and the Will of the Wisps

- Resident Evil 7

Games I am looking forward to:

- Cyberpunk 2077

- Kerbal Space Program 2

- Halo Infinite

- Teardown

- Death Trash

- Baldur's Gate 3

- Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2
- Rainbow Six Quarantine

- Diablo 4

- Hollow Knight: SilkSong

- Eldest Souls

Contact me for a CV/Resume.

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