Unity <> Unreal Engine 4 <> CryEngine <> Lumberyard

Wwise <> FMOD Studio

Reaper <> Pro Tools <> Ableton <> Nuendo <> Native and Third-Party Plugins

C# <> C++ <> Unreal Engine Blueprints <> MAX/MSP <> PureData <> MATLAB <> Python

Sound Design <> Field Recording <> Dialogue Editing <> Foley <> Ambisonics <> Binaural Audio <> Mixing & Mastering

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Work Experience


- Junior Sound Designer at Cloud Imperium Games -


Project: Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr (TBD) - Mod for Skyrim

Developer: Beyond Skyrim.

Role: Sound Designer.

Description: Wander south into the lands of the Khajiit: Anequina & Pellitine. The balance of power shifts under the ja-Kha’jay — insidious conspiracies take hold, and the Riddle’thar is forgotten. Undertake a deeply personal, perhaps even spiritual, journey into the deep-south of Tamriel.

Project: Global Conflagration (TBD)

Developer: Midwood Team.

Role: Sound Design and Audio Implementation (Unity + FMOD).

Description: Global Conflagration is an indie Real Time Strategy game set in a near future war-torn Europe. Control the battlefield and defeat your opponent.

Project: Mythopia (TBD)

Developer: Timothy Vincent.

Role: Sound Design and Audio Implementation (Unity + FMOD).

Description: A quirky first person platformer.